About Designs By Paolo

Designs By Paolo is the newest division of Professional Case, Inc. of
Cincinnati, Ohio.  Professional Case, Inc. has been a specialty case
manufacturer to the medical industry since 1974.  As you can see, we have
also made custom cases for various promotional purposes, television, in
addition to being used in several film and stage productions.

Due to the overwhelming response and recent recognition in the fashion
industry to our vintage "doctor bag" look, we have dedicated our Designs By
Paolo division exclusively to the creation of unique handbags, folios and travel
accessory cases of the highest quality and style.  We began shipping our
newly redesigned bags worldwide in February 2007.

Each case is individually handcrafted and is available in a large variety of
color combinations.  Since every product is custom made to order, we can
personalize all of the bags with your initials or name.  Please go to the "Start
Shopping" tab to receive your custom made leather cases at Designs By
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Designs By Paolo, custom designer handbags
Designs By Paolo, designer handbags
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